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The 6 Fundamentals of      Selling Wholesale

Brittany founded Antique Candle Co at her kitchen table 10 years ago and has built it into a much-loved brand with $8 million in annual revenue. She had to figure out selling wholesale from scratch, and she'd love to help save you the hours of research & frustration.

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Vintage Selling School - Full Course

I've been buying & selling vintage since I was 17 (so thirty years!), and there are so many necessary vintage business skills that I've learned about only by accident, through hours of research, or by asking more experienced sellers. 

Vintage Selling School gathers all those lessons from years of buying and selling vintage into one easy, understandable course.

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Vintage Selling School

Part 1 - Sourcing Like a PRO

How & where to snag the BEST vintage finds for resale plus...

  • The DOs & DON'Ts of bargaining
  • Why shopping out of season is smart
  • How that "bargain" could end up biting you
  • What your time costs - don't cheat yourself!
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Vintage Selling School

Part 2 - Pricing Your Inventory

Determining your markup strategy can be intimidating & overwhelming. This course helps you understand what drives prices & includes an easy set of questions to rely on when you're pricing.

Extras include...

  • Inventory organizing tips
  • Cleaning hacks
  • Supply checklists
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Vintage Selling School

Part 3 - Selling & Your Brand

Learn how to brand your business well from the start with a great name & cohesive style. Then get my market-owner tips on how to choose the events that are right for you & apply successfully. 

Extras include...

  • A cheat sheet to help you brainstorm the perfect business name
  • Ideas to set your business apart
  • Tips on providing amazing customer service
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Vintage Selling School

Part 4 - Making a Living & Doing the Paperwork

How to make your business work full time & not panic about the details...

In this section, I'll show you how to handle taxes & government filings with NO FEAR, find appropriate business insurance, & hire a great accountant.

Included is lots of real talk about owning a small business & hard-won experience straight from my story.

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Personal Business Coaching

Through 1 on 1 Conversations

One on One Coaching from Brittany Whitenack

Founder of Antique Candle Co

Meet on a personal videochat with Brittany to talk through anything & everything about handmade business, creativity, manufacturing, or whatever else you'd love to talk about.

Have production questions? Scaling worries? Branding dilemmas?

Brittany's been there and is willing to answer ALL your questions. She'll share openly & honestly with real numbers, behind-the-scenes expertise, & great advice.

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One on One Coaching from Holly & Scott Snelling

Founders of Hobnob Market

Meet on a personal videochat with Holly & Scott to talk everything market business.

Whether you're an aspiring market founder or just need us to help troubleshoot your current market event - we can help!

Want to figure out a new location? Amp up your marketing? Give your vendors & shoppers the very best experience?

We'd love to work on it with you.

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