Become a PRO at Vintage Selling


Vintage Selling School is your first step toward becoming a vintage selling ROCKSTAR.

There are no silly questions in this course. EVERYTHING is on the table, nothing is held back.

Vintage Selling School combines lessons learned over 30 years of buying & selling vintage into one easy, understandable eBook.

Each of the 4 workshops is packed with info along with lots of added stories & extras to help you get a feel for the entire experience of being a vintage seller. 


Learn how to:

  • Source inventory like a pro
  • Develop your sources & price your goods
  • Choose your best venues & platforms for selling
  • Handle accounting, insurance, & taxes


Course extras include:

  • A business name brainstorming checklist
  • Cleaning hacks for fresh inventory
  • Tips for applying to market events + a packing checklist for markets
  • No fear advice for sales taxes & paperwork 


Plus loads of resources, helpful hints, & ideas thrown in...  

As I wrote the course, I tried to keep it colorful, entertaining, & enjoyable. I intentionally built the kind of course I would like so the beautiful photos & insider tidbits keep flowing!



My big promise vague information here. If I know about it, you'll know about it. That includes how to shop flea markets extra super-duper early & my best bargaining tips.


This course works for whatever stage you're in...

- Current vintage vendor seeking help & advice

- Aspiring vintage seller trying to understand the business as a whole

- Curious vintage lover interested in buying & selling as a way to build a business


Check out the first 14 pages Free...

Learn a little more about me & get a feel for my writing style. This will be fun, I promise! :) This sample leads right up through the first page of Workshop 1 - The Buying Process.

Sample of Vintage Selling School


We're not performing brain surgery, please don't get tripped up...

On the word "course." This is a NO HOMEWORK ZONE. No one will be bugging you about your progress or asking you to join online meetups. Vintage Selling School is a 160 page eBook in PDF format. You can go through it at your own pace & reread it as often as you like.

 If you've been dreaming of starting a vintage business, I hope you'll join in. 

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