Successfully Sell Your Products to Stores


Brittany Whitenack founded Antique Candle Co. at her kitchen table in Lafayette, Indiana, just a little over 10 years ago. In that time, through loads of trial & error, she learned how to hone in on correct pricing and marketing for a wholesale audience.

Today, she's built a much-loved brand & company with an $8 million annual revenue, 50+ employees, and products in over 700 retail stores.

Brittany wrote this course - 6 Fundamentals of Selling Wholesale - especially for makers who dream of taking their business to the next level.


She believes selling wholesale is one of the keys to building a successful, sustainable business that:

  • Supports your family
  • Meets your lifestyle wants
  • Creates financial peace


Owning a business can own YOU if you're not careful, so Brittany gets you started down the right path toward selling wholesale by outlining the 6 key fundamentals you should address before selling your products to stores.


She also takes the mystery out of selling wholesale by explaining how to:

  • Price your products for growth & success
  • Achieve high quality while controlling costs
  • Prep your branding & production for increased sales


Brittany breaks down all the details she didn’t understand when she was getting started to help you avoid stumbling blocks and confusion.



An extra included with this course:

Your own PDF copy of the entire Antique Candle Co. wholesale catalog.

Nothing is concealed - you can read it front to back and take in the style, the photography, the wholesale pricing, & the terms.

It might seem a little crazy to put this out there, but Brittany hopes it will simply help other business owners to get a peek behind the scenes.


Get the Course - $149